Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Non-Derogatory Preaching

Though I lack Edwards' brain and the administrative skill to place all of these in one location, I thought from time to time I may lay out some resolutions. (Of course, any resolution needs to be prefaced with: BEING SENSIBLE THAT I AM UNABLE TO DO ANYTHING WITHOUT GOD' S HELP, I DO HUMBLY ENTREAT HIM BY HIS GRACE TO ENABLE ME TO KEEP THESE RESOLUTIONS, SO FAR AS THEY ARE AGREEABLE TO HIS WILL, FOR CHRIST' S SAKE.)

Resolved, I will not speak derogatorily of preaching again. In light of the gift of God that preaching is to His children, and the privilege it is to participate in it, I will not succumb to the world's low view of preaching. This does not mean that I will not critique sermons (or preachers) which fall far short of God's standard (but rather, I might in effort to keep the standard for preaching high), but I will not speak ill of the practice of preaching.

I will lose the phrase, "Sorry, but I've got to preach to you on this," or "Oops, I'm sorry. Did that seem like preaching to you?" even when used in the midst of everyday conversation. Such statements violate that preaching is a gift and tool used by God and instead participates in the worldly perspective that preaching is oppressive, boring and authoritarian.

Instead, when given the opportunity to preach (whether behind a pulpit or in everyday conversation) I desire to have a heart of gratitude to God for having revealed His Son in His Word and for having granted me the privilege of being His herald!

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