Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Just Amazing!

Driving down 49South at 4:30AM, I got to enjoy the most amazing lightning storm. At times, the entire sky lit up as if it were day. Other times, the most powerful bolts were coming right down to the ground; I expected to see trees and fields ablaze beside the road. There were even these horizontal blasts that looked like macro-static electricity. Truly and evidence of God's majesty.

Making it even more spectacular, I was listening to a message by Matt Chandler from Advance 09. Wonderful, wonderful message! (A delight to see the Word of God as far more brilliant than any lightning shower.)


JanAl said...

Did you take this picture, it is a great picture!

danny2 said...

just a google images picture.

honestly, the real thing this morning far exceeding any picture i could find!