Thursday, June 4, 2009

No Greater Joy

I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.--3 John 4
Our daughter has just finished a fabulous first grade year. She enjoys reading and has developed quite well.

Two years ago, when she was in her kindergarten interview, her (public) school teacher asked her, "And why do we go to school?"

Her answer: "To learn about Jesus."

The teacher wasn't sure what to make of that, but I was proud of her answer and actually found it quite deep. My number one goal for her literacy is not getting a good job or succeeding in society, but that the gift of literacy allows her the joy of reading the very words of God. I thought her answer was great!

This week, Charity and I gave out daughter the NASB Study Bible for Girls. (Unfortunately, this Bible has been discontinued and took me about three weeks to find a copy). In the last four days, I've had the following father high-lights:

--Walking through the living room to find my daughter sitting on the couch, reading her Bible in the morning...just like Mommy.

--Reading Romans 8:18-21 along with her as Jason led our congregation in that passage.

--Having her read John 8:31-37 as one of our TableTalk Discussions for the week. Then, while I cleared up dishes, to have her read John 1:6-13 and answer questions as she and I slowly go through the book of John together.

At the end of our discussion, she said, "Daddy, I wish everyone would love Jesus and go to heaven." Me too, kiddo.

May God grant her a heart that loves the Lord with all that she has, and may He protect me from underestimating what she (or our other three) can handle.

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Margaret said...

I got to sit with Rachel a little bit during early worship practice Sunday. I asked her about her Bible and she was delighted to show it to me. I was blessed to look through it a bit with her.

This is the most challenging part of your post: "may He protect me from underestimating what she (or our other three) can handle."

Our children continue to amaze us at what God is revealing to them.

awesome post!