Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why Sequential Exposition?--My 5 & 6

I've been laying out my own Top Ten advantages for sequential exposition. Click the links to see reasons 10 & 9 and 8 & 7.

Advantages 6 and 5 to Sequential Exposition.

6. Bible Study methods are modeled.

    Preacher—Instead of working to design, prepare and condense a sermon series or even points made about a topic, the pastor is encouraged to simply walk through the text. The pastor can model proper Bible study habits for his congregation as he walks them through the passage itself. His teaching can actually become a way where proper study is “caught.” The pastor is forced to preach genres that are more difficult and is stretched.
    Congregation—Members of the congregation begin to see that the pastor’s ability to craft a sermon is not built upon his education, his resources or some unattainable gift. The congregation begins to see that the pastor simply reads and explains the text and that this is something they can do as well! The congregation also learns how to read certain genres of Scripture.

5. Theological Bereans are formed.
    Preacher—The preacher is forced to deal with his passage within its context, knowing that what he has already taught (and what he will teach) cannot contradict with the point he is currently making. The preacher knows that he will be held accountable to text, for his people have heard everything leading up to it. Also, the preacher begins to develop others who rightly divide the Word of Truth and is able to share the teaching responsibility with them. The preacher also develops his own accountability partners.
    Congregation—The congregation is equipped to study the passage before and after it is preached. Members can show up to church prepared with a knowledge of the text, thus heightening their understanding from the sermon. Each week’s study builds into the preceding week, allowing them to study the context bit by bit, instead of having to review an isolated sermon without knowing the flow of the whole book.

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