Saturday, April 25, 2009

Death March

As people pass through our neighborhood for the March of Dimes walk, I wonder how many realize they are supporting planned parenthood.

The March of Dimes strongly supports the creation of an explicit option allowing states to provide primary care and family planning services to women under Medicaid without having to obtain a federal waiver.--from a website file here.

Sadly, humanistic reasoning can even ruin something as pure as desiring to see healthy babies born. A little self-autonomy creeps in and suddenly a rational way to see more healthy babies born is to eliminate the life of unwanted babies. Our sin nature is so strong that even when we desire to support life, we actually think it is reasonable to end it.

This should remind us to pray:
    Pray for the "unwanted" babies. Of course, unwanted only to the mother. Our church is filled with people who would love to care for the child. Pray that troubled mothers might give their child away rather than kill it.
    Pray for healing. There are a lot of hurting mothers who bought the humanistic lies of our society and were deceived into thinking it was a choice, rather than a life. Praise God that this is something the cross of Christ can completely cover! Pray that these mothers would not just seek peace for their conscience, but they would find forgiveness for their sin.
    Pray for the church. Pray that we might find more effective ways to connect with these mothers-in-crisis and might be able to give them the support they need to keep the baby alive.
    Pray for souls. Allow the irrational thinking of the "March of Dimes" to remind you of the pervasive and destructive effects of sin. Allow it to remind you to pray that God might enlighten hearts to the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ! And praise God that He has allowed you to see truth!

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marilyn66 said...

Just another example of how culture creep, as our pastor keeps saying, affects us, and good things which have now turned bad.

I wonder what most people would think if they really KNEW that the founder of Planned Parenthood founded it to eradicate undesireables...and she meant black babies, and Jewish babies, and mentally unfit babies, and non-"perfect" babies. Hillary Clinton says she is great admirerer of the founder of PP. The democrats in Washington, for that reason and MANY others, are NO friends of our black friends, neighbors, and fellow countrymen.

Anyway, Danny, so great for you to turn this March of Death into a positive prayer and call to action. Keep it up.