Monday, April 6, 2009

"Killer Illustrations"

So, recently, I read an article about a pastor's illustration for a Sunday sermon. Putting the pieces of the article together, it seems to suggest:

    A pastor decided to set up an bow/arrow and target as a sermon illustration.
    In the midst of his sermon, he calls upon a man within the congregation to stand up and fire an arrow at a target. The trajectory moved slightly across the congregation, yet moving away from them.
    As a congregant stood to fire the arrow, another person in the audience asked the pastor to reconsider. (There is debate whether his tone was belligerent or peaceful.)
    The congregant again raised the bow and arrow to which the same person in the audience asked them to reconsider.
    The protesting audience member was escorted out of the room and the pastor has said they will seek a restraining order.
    The congregant fired the arrow.
    The congregant was fined $109 for "using a missile indoors."
    The pastor was fined $109 for "aiding and abetting that ordinance violation."
The article ends with the pastor stating:
"If I knew it would cause this kind of problem, I certainly would have reconsidered."
Perhaps it would be most helpful if illustrations came with warnings and "for best results" tags...


~~anna~~ said...

I kept reading so I could get to the punchline ... thinking this must be an April Fool's joke.

I think that pastor needs to put more into the content of his message, and considerably less into the theatrics!
Wonder what this "pastor" has taught his congregation in this illustration. Considering a pastor is a shepherd who cares and tends the flock, I have a hard-time using that in certain situations.

I just can't imagine a service that results in fines and possible restraining orders...How does that glorify God? How is that a time of worship? How sad to what level some reduce the Word of God....

I know you didn't share this article to have praise given to you...but still I thank the LORD that He has allowed us to have a pastor who truly seeks to serve Him and to tend the flock with wisdom and love. Praying for you!

Darby Livingston said...

Let's hope his judgment has improved before he gets to Hebrews 13:4. :)

David Mohler said...

No, he would not have reconsidered.

That's the exact same premise of the rich man who wanted to go back and tell his brothers about hades.

The person in the audience gave a wise warning, and the warning was ignored.

If this is a true story, it's affinity with human nature hits a bullseye.