Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Said It?

Take a stab at who made this quote:

My encouragement to all Christian preachers is to not get too fancy on Easter.

It is the day we want to be incredibly clear about the death of Jesus for our sins and the resurrection of Jesus for our salvation. We do not need to be clever. We need to be clear. And we need to add to that clarity a fitting and authentic excitement for the victory of Jesus Christ over Satan, sin, death, hell, and the wrath of God while calling sinners to be saved.

(If you are going to "google" (cheat), at least give some others a shot before you post it in the comments.)


Jodi Bradshaw said...

John Piper or CJ Mahaney????

Anonymous said...

sounds like something danny wright would say :)

Margaret said...

that's what I was thinking, Dee :)
John MacArthur?

danny2 said...

ok ladies,

i'm a proud man pursuing humility, but even i wouldn't quote myself as a mystery quote!

Anonymous said...

i'm not trying to make it harder for you to pursue humility, but i really did think, at first, this was simply something you wrote. i had to read it twice to figure out it was a quote from someone else.

Kati said...

Are you all telling me that you were able to resist the urge just to google it right away?

100% honesty--my first thought was, "That sounds like something Danny would say."

danny2 said...

it has the word EASTER!

that should be the first clue it wasn't mine.

Darby Livingston said...

Mark Driscoll, esquire