Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse 3

Church Sign Generator sites are down, so I had to make rudimentary signs myself. Therefore, the statements on these signs were not actually found on the church signs shown below:

Ok, bread & vitamins, but where's the sign that warns that church signs often equal cheese?

Hopefully, they don't mean in a 1 Corinthians 2:14 sort of way:

Sadly, this sign has not been altered at all:

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Brad said...

I have personally witnessed a clown-led Christmas Eve communion service at a Lutheran Church.

The minister justified this spectacle on the basis of a practice in the medieval church (ironic in-and-of-itself) in which someone would dress in such a way as to look like an idiot in order to symbolize the depths to which Christ stooped by taking on human nature.

The kazoo solo during "Joy to the World" contributed marvelously to at least the first part of the desired effect.