Wednesday, July 1, 2009

For Your Tool Shed

It was a bummer to me when went down over some copyright issues.

However, this seems to be a good alternative:

Reader's Version of Greek and Hebrew Bible

Type the reference you would like into the gray box and hit enter. Slide your mouse over different words to see parsing and definitions. Even if you can't read greek text, I think this tool can be helpful for you. How?

[For example, the pronoun "you" can always be problematic in english. We regularly have no way of knowing if the text is speaking to the individual or to the corporate. With a tool like this, you can scroll over the text, find the word "you" (even if you didn't know it is: σύ, σου, σοι, σε, ὑμεις, ὑμων, ὑμιν or ὑμαϛ) and also find out its part of speech. Then you can know if "you" is singular or plural.]

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Keith said...

Hi Danny . . .

I agree. I've been referring to this for quick studies for a couple of months now. Still miss zhubert though. You can still use a minimal version of zhubert with their flash interface.