Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Public Sin; Public Confession

A little over three months ago, I posted a question with a couple of pictures that I should not have. Though veiled to some readers, there was a connection between the pictures and two specific pastors.

My post was not about their practices. It was not about their actions or beliefs. It was about hominem.

It was wrong.

It was sinful.

Both men have responded to my private apologies very graciously. I praise God for that.

But here's the bummer. Since the sin was public (yes, I consider all four readers of this blog to constitute as "public"), the confession should also correspond.

Sadly, it is not enough that I sin. Sometimes I even flaunt my sin publicly. I want you to know that my actions (and worse, the heart that generated the action) was not focused on the glory of God, nor the edification of these men. I was also not showing adequate concern for my readers when I posted it publicly.

[Simply deleting the post was tempting, however the sin was public, so the confession should be as well.]

[It also crossed my mind to delete the post, but add a public apology. Personally, I felt convicted that this would not work appropriately either. The confession stays on the site permanently, so the offense should as well...with an appropriate statement attached.]

Very thankful that I will not stand before the King of Kings and Lord of Lords trying to claim my own righteousness, but having His granted to me instead!

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