Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Getting Your Divorce Permit?

The Marital Faithfulness Exception...

Nearly every time I counsel a person suffering the tragedy of adultery the person claims their right to divorce. Sometimes, the person claims the right, yet shares they will use restraint from invoking it. Other times the person comes in declaring they are going to divorce and they have been given the right to do so from God. Sadly, I've even had some encounters where the person is now seeking divorce for adultery that was committed (and repented of) in the distant past. Like a Monopoly game card, the victim considered their spouse's sin as having created an optional nature to their marriage from here on out. They've now earned a free pass out of the marriage, to be used at their convenience.

Over the years, I'm not sure which I find more fascinating; that the unbeliever is aware of the exception clause, or that the believer thinks this "hold onto it until a rainy day" attitude fits into the Biblical understanding of forgiveness.

Each time I share that I believe the Betrothal View is the most faithful hermeneutic of these exceptions, I get a blank stare in return. Some are so tragically bitter, they will not even consider that there is another way to look at the text. Others, by God's grace, are willing to investigate the texts, but also admit they have never seen this perspective advocated.

Recently, I've begun to share not only that the Betrothal View is the most faithful hermeneutic, but also that any other perspective is usually evidence of adultery on the part of the person wishing to invoke the exception.

I'll explain more tomorrow, Lord willing.


Darby Livingston said...

I can't hardly wait.

danny2 said...

i always thought you should do some writing.

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