Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Sequential Exposition?--My 1 & 2

My final post of my top ten advantages for sequential exposition. Click the links to see advantages 10 & 9, 8 & 7, 6 & 5 and 4 & 3.

Advantages 2 and 1 to Sequential Exposition.

2. A Biblical understanding of redemption is fostered.

    Preacher—The preacher receives the joy of seeing the gospel throughout Scripture. The pastor is infused with passion, excitement and joy as he sees the redemptive message in places he did not initially expect. The gospel is seen as central throughout all of history and the pastor develops a people who see the gospel as necessary for the justification, sanctification and glorification. Issues of creation, the fall, redemption and the consummation of all things are not just preached from certain regular text, but are unpacked from the entirety of the Word!
    Congregation—Members see the unity of Scripture as they see God’s redemptive plan throughout the book. Biblical concepts become more rounded as they encounter gospel topics from a variety of passages in several different places. The congregation is protected from moralism, as they see men of the Old Testament saved by grace through faith. Greater confidence is given for the power of the gospel when we see its unity throughout all of history!

1. Jesus Christ is loved more deeply.
    Preacher—The preacher does not go to the Word of God simply to find something to teach the congregation, or simply to know something new from the text. The preacher is reminded to go to the text to see His Savior and to grow closer with Him. The preacher is transformed more into the Savior’s image as he beholds His glory on the pages of Scripture. His affections for Him and anticipation of His return are increased as he spends time abiding with Him!
    Congregation—The members of the congregation are called to a deeper love of Jesus. They are reminded that God’s purpose in providing the Word was not simply to tell us more about ourselves, but ultimately to reveal His Son fully to us. The congregation quits seeing the Bible as a history book or a road map for morality and begins to see the life and intimacy with Christ that is offered. Members eyes are fixed upon their Savior, the Author and Perfecter of their faith!

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