Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Signs of the Apocalypse 2

Again, these were real signs, though not from New Hope Baptist Church

Is this a trick question?

From the "Zoom Minus O Equals Zom" category:


Kati said...

My latest favorite: "Life stinks. We have a pew for you."

Kati said...

I should qualify (for those who don't know me) by saying my tongue is TOTALLY in my cheek in saying that and I am actually quite annoyed by such signs.

brother_barabbas said...

Sign #1 - Some people's theology is so weak and the level of their originality so low these are the things they spend their time creating! This reminds me of the debate about God being your pilot or your co-pilot! Gospel, people, gospel, that's all we're responsible for!

Sign #2 - huh?