Thursday, May 21, 2009

[Sigh of Relief] Posts to Follow

As Charity mentioned on her blog, we've been dealing with a pretty scary issue lately. Since April 29th, we've known the possibility that the prognosis could be quite bad.

However, this week, we found out the condition does not seem life threatening and is probably just an odd allergic reaction of some sort.

I didn't know that a three week period of time could provide so much growth. God has used this time to rebuke me, challenge me and encourage me. I've felt like I was being squeezed between the mortar and the pestle. However, God also provided the fullest assurance that this wasn't vindictive or cruel, but rather that His loving hand was guiding the whole process. Thirty-six hours after officially receiving the good news, I'm still not sure I've processed things mentally/emotionally. I'm considering posting some thoughts learned on my blog; for I fear "forgetting" the lessons as life returns to normalcy. But I'm not ready for that yet. Here's what I do know:

--The next week will be filled with quotes which express a Christ-centered, redemption focused hermeneutic to Scripture. Hopefully, these quotes will better explain what I am talking about, and also show that this should not be something new to the Grace Brethren Fellowship, nor to any pulpit.

--There will also be a book review for the [second] best book [to the Bible] on preaching that I've read.

--I'll continue working on posts that process my thoughts regarding recent circumstances in a way I pray benefits me, and potentially [all three of my] readers also.

Charity and I can't sufficiently thank those who have known some details and have been praying. God has graciously had His sanctifying hand upon us! If you choose to continue to pray for us, please continue to pray for the growth of our faith as your number one priority for the Wright family.


Kati said...

It is a joy for me to continue to pray for the Wright family even after this "scare" seems to be over...We are thankful for all of you!

marilyn66 said...

Danny, I could tell you this Sunday but might forget. On Dobson recently...I think early this week or last week sometime, there was a black pastor from the northwest who used to be with the NFL I think and has a STRONG walk with God, who has faced persecution by the gay folks for his stance, etc, who has had prostate cancer since 2002. It was a VERY amazing program or 2. He calls cancer his friend and tells the amazing things God has done in and through him to this point. He should have been in heaven MONTHS ago but God is using him. You might be encouraged as a pastor to listen to his testimony.