Thursday, February 12, 2009


What are sermoneutics?

First, let’s be completely honest: it’s not a real word.

Second, even if it was a word, it wouldn’t be used very often.

So where does it come from?

Typically, people think of the construction of a sermon in two pieces. There are the hermeneutics: “the art and science of Biblical interpretation.” There are also homiletics: “the art and science of delivering a sermon.” For the sake of study, it’s a typical practice to separate the two. Once you are preaching, however, it’s not such a good idea to separate them.

Focus only on presentation and you may speak very well, but not have anything worth saying. If you miss the point of the text, no amount of polish can make up for it.

Focus only on interpretation and you may know the text well but not clearly communicate it. Worse yet, without evaluating your presentation, you risk betraying your doctrine.

We must consider both how we study the Bible and how we present it. However, it is not enough to just study these issues separately and strive for balance. We must actually understand that the Bible itself tells us how to study the Word and gives us guidelines on how to present the Word too. Combining these two principles will cause us to ask some questions.
Sermoneutics asks the question, ”Why preach?” Sermoneutics is also asking the question, “What should we preach?” It’s also the acknowledgement that knowing why you preach and what to preach will greatly impact how you preach. This does not mean that the Bible dictates only one style of preaching, but it does mean that some styles may betray the purposes of preaching.

Sermoneutics desires not only to see the Bible as the master over the content of the sermon, but over all of preaching. The Word of God can answer all our questions about preaching.


We will meet every other Monday night from 7-9 pm. The evenings will include teaching, discussion and practice.


Scripture—We will look at specific texts that should impact our preaching. The Word of God will help us discern our motive, discover its purpose and even give us some guidelines on how we should preach.

He Is Not Silent, by Al Mohler—We will use Mohler’s new book to help us walk through philosophy, mode and content of preaching. While the subtitle is Preaching in a Postmodern World, the focus is really on equipping a preacher to preach in any culture, during any time period.

Audio—We’ll also listen to various sermons, seminars and classes regarding preaching. These will come from a variety of men and help shape our thinking about preaching, while at the same time showing the diversity of style that is available within a Biblical preaching context.



This fee includes the cost of the book, audio cd and “Blueprints” study guide.

As with any ministry at Grace, if the cost is prohibitive, simply let us know, and we’ll find a means to cover your expenses.


Simply contact Danny Wright and let him know of your interest.
(Please register by March 8th)

At this time, the class is reserved for men only. If there is enough interest, a class may be offered for women who are interested in teaching other ladies and children.


Every other Monday night, 7-9pm
March 16th—June 22nd


Greenville Grace
4805 St Rt 49 S
Greenville, OH 45331

who could benefit from this workshop?

==> pastors/elders
==> sunday school teachers
==> small groups facilitators
==> any man who wants to investigate if they are gifted in preaching/teaching
==> any father who wants to better instruct his children from the Scriptures.
==> any man from a search committee who wants to better determine what they should be looking for in a pastor
==> any man who wants to explore the grace of God in preaching


Kati said...

Earlier this morning a friend and I had a conversation about what a blessing it is to be part of a church body where MEN, as they are Biblically mandated, actually lead in the church! I know you are not unaware that this isn't always the case in churches today. Just wanted you to know that the women of this church are thankful for the teaching and encouragement given to our men through the availablity of classes such as this one. Now, just praying they will take advantage. :)

danny2 said...

God is using the humble, submissive, God-honoring, Christ-exalting women of our church to challenge and encourage the men at Grace!

by the grace of God, may each man love his wife like Christ loves the church, father his children in such a way that points them to their Heavenly Father, and be the kind of ambassador that calls people to worship the king! and my our undershepherds point people to the Chief Shepherd!

Brad said...

How might sporadic attendance at this wonderful-sounding study be received?

danny2 said...

depends on who we are speaking of attending?

if you're interested, let me know.

we will not be taking attendance every week.

Brad said...

I'm interested.

Keith said...

Looks really good - wish I lived nearby so I could be involved !

Miss jane said...