Sunday, February 22, 2009

Blog Facelift

Yep, it's time to move some things around. Here are the Top Ten reasons why:

    10. I grew sick of the color orange.
I had never really been a fan of orange, but it matched the color of the flame. But, after a while, the gray-black-orange theme was really starting to wear on me.
    9. It had been 381 days since my last blog adjustment.
Yeah, I bore easily. At least I didn't jump domains again!
    8. Others are.
When it seems like a good idea for a real author, it might be a good idea for me.
    7. No snooze alarm
I may have gotten feedback from some that the old one was getting boring.
    6. Wider Audience
"Preach the Word" was (understandably) considered a blog just for pastors. Everyone should exult in grace!
    5. Better flow
By simply using the "light denim stretch" template, I don't have to personally change a lot of html code. For the most part, this was not a problem...except for the two or three things I could never figure out how to identify and change.
    4. Less Polemical
No matter how hard I tried to put the focus on advocating sequential exposition, it always by nature seemed to be arguing against something else. Anytime you call people to something, you are naturally calling them from something. However, the tone can get tiring.
    3. More Winsome
Similarly, the appeal to delight in the exaltation of Christ by celebrating the Gospel on every page of Scripture is much more compelling. I'm not calling people to simply consider something different. It is a call to consider something more. (And yes, I meant exult, not exalt. The emphasis being not just the glory of Christ, but delighting in the glory of Christ.)
    2. Sequential Exposition was incomplete.
It was hard to make a good case, when some preach through texts but do not preach the gospel, nor focus on Christ. Some might see these patterns and think sequential exposition is actually detrimental to the cause of the church, for the picture boring "audible commentary," as someone just points out "trivial details" from a text. No, I'm still a huge fan of sequential exposition, because I believe it is the best way to exalt Christ through celebrating the gospel. Through sequential exposition you will end up doing that on every page of Scripture.
    1. Lines up better.
Hopefully, my blog will line up better with my passions and the passions of our church


Darby Livingston said...

I don't know which is more discouraging to slackers like me:

1) the fact that you can change blogs so readily, or

2) the fact that you can list off a well-reasoned sequential argument for why you can!

JanAl said...

Wow! It looks so much younger! Lol!

jason said...

The blue sky kind of reminds me of "Touched by an Angel"... are you a fan too?

danny2 said...

leave it to a guy from akron to not realize that most skies are blue.