Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Quick Thoughts

February 1st was my 33rd birthday (more on that next week), and there were a few highlights from the day, I'd love to briefly mention (from least significant to most):

5. Steelers game--wow!

4. Getting to preach. I wish my birthday always landed on a Sunday!

3. Enjoying a meal with my parents after church. What a gift to have parents who are humble enough to allow their son to be one of their undershepherds.

2. A brother informed me that the ministry of our church is benefiting some brothers and sisters in Christ in Honduras. Wow. What a grace from God that He would allow the ministry of the Word at Grace to benefit some I've never met.

1. Hearing two young men from our church present the gospel during halftime. During the presentation, they ended up sharing from Leviticus and as they were explaining the purpose of the sacrifices, they carefully (and accurately) navigated through the fact that the sacrifices did not bring forgiveness, but pointed toward Jesus Christ, who is our Atoning Sacrifice.

(He is Not Silent arrived at my house the day before. [INCREDIBLE...review to come soon!] The day after, I left with four friends for the Desiring God Pastor's Conference [Matt Chandler's message is a MUST LISTEN].)


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Jodi Bradshaw said...

I thought one of your highlights would be the whole church seeing you in a Michigan sweatshirt!! First service was so funny but by second service I knew you would have some comment ready. It was still worth it though. :)