Wednesday, February 18, 2009

DTMW4I: John MacArthur

Unashamed Workmen (a great preaching blog, by the way) recently listed Top Ten convictions for expository preaching from John MacArthur's contribution to Preaching the Cross:

1. Because Its Message Is Timeless and Truly Powerful

2. Because It Is the Good News of Salvation

3. Because It Sets Forth Divine Truth with Clarity and Certainty

4. Because It Stands as the Authoritative Self-Revelation of God

5. Because It Exalts Christ as the Head of His Church

6. Because It Is the Means God Uses to Sanctify His People

7. Because It Rightly Informs Our Worship and Our Walk

8. Because It Brings Depth and Balance to My Ministry

9. Because It Honors the Necessity of Personal Bible Study

10. Because It Makes My Ministry Dependent on God

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greensideup said...

and you wanted to get a list from little ole dever... good stuff. Keep it coming.