Monday, February 1, 2010

Introducing Acts 29

Last night, at Greenville Grace's Vision Night our elders announced that we are pursuing a relationship with Acts29.

If you're not familiar with Acts29, we invite you to cruise around their website. I especially encourage you to check out this page, which explains what Acts29 believes. Acts29 summarizes their statement in four words: Christian, Evangelical, Missional & Reformed. (You'll find their beliefs fit right into what we already have listed as our Statement of Faith from the FGBC.)

We're excited that Acts29 seems to offer the experience and resources to help us fulfill our long-time plant many churches that will plant churches.

After a lengthly and detailed process, we are now in the Candidate Phase. This means that we have been received into the Network and would receive a "full membership" status provided we meet the following three conditions:

  1. Enter into a coaching relationship with an existing Acts 29 pastor who can help guide you through the process of planting a new work out of Grace. (This is one reason we pursued Acts 29. We look forward to the development at Grace that will come through a coaching relationship.)
  2. Develop a written strategy and timeline that details how you plan to become a church-planting church. We would like to see you launch a church plant from Grace within the next two years with a well thought out strategy for the location and a plan for missional engagement. (It's exciting to think our intentions could become reality within 2 years! Of course, to help see this happen, we need some coaching and help!)
  3. Financially support church planting with 10% of your overall budget per the Acts 29 Covenant (a voluntary 1% to Acts 29 Foundation Fund and 9% to church planting as your church deems fit, but we would like to see that be an Acts 29 church plant). (We're excited to begin supporting active work more intentionally, while continuing in our support of other church plants, both domestic and abroad.)

We're praying that this relationship will foster massive Darke County and around the world!


JimB said...

Does this mean you are not Grace Brethern any more?

danny2 said...

not at all.

A29 is a church planting network, not a denomination. (or fellowship)