Monday, February 15, 2010

Anticipating T4G!

Two weeks ago, Mark Dever gave some video announcements regarding the messages for Together for the Gospel. At this point, the schedule is:

The Church is the Gospel Made Visible--Mark Dever: Dever jokingly says all his thought has simply gone into the title, and if you simply meditate on the title, you don't even need to hear his message.

The Defense and Confirmation of the Gospel: What I Have Learned in 50 Years--RC Sproul: More of an autobiographical talk, Sproul will trace us through his observations these last 50 years. (MacArthur gave a similar message at the first T4G which was great. It really gives those of us with less experience an opportunity to grow from his!)

How Does It Happen? Trajectories Toward an Adjusted Gospel--Al Mohler: Speaking of learning from the past, Mohler plans to show how the gospel often gets adjusted, bit by bit over time.

'Fine Sounding Arguments' How Wrongly Engaging the Culture Adjusts the Gospel--Thabiti Anyabwile: Thabiti plans to show how our good intentions can sometimes cause us to make bad decisions which could compromise the truth of the gospel.

The Theology of Sleep--John MacArthur: Dever says this message will be based from Mark 4. Hmmm.

Did Jesus Preach the Gospel of Evangelicalism?--John Piper: I'm guessing that we will hear one talk packed full of John's growth through preaching the gospels as well as researching for books he's written like What Jesus Demands and Finally Alive.

Did the Fathers Know the Gospel?--Ligon Duncan: Actually, this message may be the one I am looking forward to the most. I read the Patristics about 3 years ago and really struggled that grace does not appear easily visible in their writings. Duncan got his PhD in Patristics, so I'm looking forward to hearing him explain if that is simply writing style, arguments of the day or an issue of doctrine.

Expository Faithfulness--CJ Mahaney: Although the website says that CJ will be preaching from 2 Timothy 4:1-5, CJ also has an uncanny ability to mesh everything from the conference together so that you are sure to take away the big ideas.

If you are not from Grace, you still have time to sign up. If you are from Grace, it may be too late to get a room with us and get in on our transportation, but we'd still want to work with you. Let us know you are going, and we'll make sure you're in on all the opportunities to fellowship with us during the week.

[We're also in the process of arranging some time with a pastor of a very active church planting church. He's a warm, gracious, passionate guy who loves church planting and has seen God honor that in many ways. I believe it will be a real inspiration for us!]

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