Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Big Red Tractor

File under "Chan is the man"

The Big Red Tractor from Jacob Lewis on Vimeo.

(And in Darke County, I feel it is my responsibility to point out that Chan has probably never heard of Massey Ferguson, so this is not a slam on Deere. You can pretend the tractor is green and yellow if you want to.)


Deanna said...

LOVE Francis Chan!!

Darby Livingston said...

Alright. I finally watched the video. I appreciate the insight. But I have a different perspective. The church of today IS the church of yesterday, yesteryear and yestermillennia. It IS unstoppable because the Spirit IS making it grow in spite of our hangups and goofups. Every one of Paul's church planting efforts ended in failure. I dare someone to fellowship with the seven churches of Revelation. They're dead. And every one of Paul's church-planting efforts ended in success. The elect were saved, God's fame spread and for every work that floundered and died, new ones sprouted up with unquenchable fire. The church, even the modern church, even the postmodern church even the ultrapostmodern church is in good hands.

danny2 said...

perhaps i'm getting lazy, but i missed a lot of that.

i think chan's point is that the church is in good hands with Christ, but that one challenge to the church is that we are constantly tempted to take control of her ourselves.

if you watch a lot of chan, he doesn't at all believe the church is dying. in fact, he believes it is vibrant and powerful. however, the model of church he was describing earlier in the video is losing steam, and some people are panicked about that.