Sunday, March 8, 2009

Judah, Tamar & Priestly Ordination

Christ glorified by celebrating the Gospel on every page of Scripture.

Every page of Scripture...

This seems to be the stumbling block for many. Is it possible to preach Christ and the gospel from every page of Scripture? What about passages that do not have any apparent typology? What about passages that seem to be simply stating historical events?

While the following two are flawed examples, if you are asking these questions, I hope these serve as examples that I am not talking about weird typology or every passage serving as nothing more than an evangelism crusade message:

Judah & Tamar (Genesis 38)

Ordination of Priests (Leviticus 8 & 9)

[If you want a brief summary, simply read the introduction, exposition and conclusion sections and skip the commentary section.]


Keith said...

I don't know why you call these "flawed examples". It seems to me they are good examples and you have related them well.

danny2 said...

they are great examples. the flaw is in me.

i don't do them them the justice they deserve.

but i strive!

Darby Livingston said...

I think the question isn't "Is it possible to preach Christ from every page of Scripture?" but rather "How do we most responsibly preach Christ from every page of Scripture?" because the New Testament is clear in asserting that everything written reveals the sufferings and subsequent glories of Christ. Therefore, any assertion to the contrary is just a denial of those texts that make that claim.

danny2 said...

amen, darby!