Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clowney on Christ

If the Old Testament is to point to Christ, does that mean we can learn from the successes (and failures) of the men and women recorded?

When we're given examples, they are examples of faith. Not primarily faithfulness, but faith. But then, as people of faith, their faithfulness comes into view. And I think Hebrews 11 is an example of that. It's a list of heroes, not of people who triumphed on their own strength. It's people who were believers. It's in a chapter about faith. So it is important to remember, they become examples to us, not in their own strength, but as they were believers and were trusting in God.--Dr. Edmund P Clowney*

*from "Preaching Christ in a Postmodern World"--Reformed Theological Seminary Seminar Lectures; Edmund Clowney & Timothy Keller; Session 3, Q&A; minute 8:35

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