Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Book Review: Trellis and the Vine

The Trellis and the Vine
The Ministry Mind-Shift That Changes Everything
by Colin Marshall & Tony Payne
Ⓒ2009, Matthias Media
196 pages

Almost every ministry book seems to be endorsed by a number of prominent pastors, so I rarely buy a book simply off the recommendations. But this book caught my eye, not only for the names that recommended the book, but also for the type of comments they made. These weren't the typical, "these guys have written the perfect book that makes ministry flourish while you sit back and do nothing" kind of prescription. These ministers acknowledged that the work is hard and mind-shifting, yet Biblical and gospel-centered. Some even acknowledged that these men wrote a book that describes their ministry philosophy.

So, I read it.

Ever read a book that so resonates with what you were thinking, yet says it in such a better way and develops it further than you ever dreamt that you almost feel like there is no way you were previously thinking any of it? As I read, I kept highlighting and silently "amen-ing" (and sometimes not silently). Yet the authors experience, Biblical framework and organization so far surpasses anything I've thought on my own that it almost feels silly to say you agree. Sort of like a guy who designs a new abacus trying to take credit for IBM. Sure, I've thought about leadership development and how ministry is about people, not programs, but not like these guys.

Absolutely loved this book! Praying that Grace will love the effects as we move forward to the glory of Christ! And perhaps by His grace, some of it will look like what the Trellis & the Vine illustrates.

If you are a pastor, read it an implement it. If you are not a pastor, read it and help your pastor implement it!


Deanna said...

Could you explain this line to me? I'm not following:

"Yet the authors experience, Biblical framework and organization so far surpassing anything I've thought that mine our simply a glimmer."

danny2 said...

Basically, these men are smarter, more experienced and more articulate than me on my best day. I loved the book and felt like it stated "infant thoughts" i had so much better and beyond what I can.

Sort of like me calling myself a fellow Spanish speaker because I can say "Hola" to you. Sure, it's spanish, but far below your level.

JimB said...

I still don't understand that either especially, "that mine our simply a glimmer."

danny2 said...

i can't help it if you guys can't see the rich depth of my choosing to abandon english grammar. perhaps if i told you the authors are australian?

ever been in a situation where you answer "ditto" after the person before you speaks, except you know they said it much better, and developed it much farther than you ever would have if you would have answered first, so you say ditto because it is how you WISH you would have answered the question, even though you know it is not how you actually would have?

that was this book.

Darby Livingston said...

This book was "dittoing" you?