Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Untwitterable Quote

Great line from Dan Phillips today in his comment thread of a recent post. I wanted to place it in twitter, but am not creative enough to figure out how:

Saying that preaching the Gospel involves telling sinners they can't do anything is like saying that Jesus should have raised Lazarus by shouting "You can't come out!"

We must not hesitate to call people to repent and trust in Christ, knowing that such a call will be made effective by God. We know they need the Holy Spirit to regenerate them, and to the elect, He will! (Though maybe not at the moment of our general call.) However, what is the benefit of telling the non-elect that they are incapable of responding? Doesn't that remain the case whether you tell them or not?

You never see the Apostles stating, "Well, if you are the elect, you should..."

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