Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Child's Marriage Could Expose Idolatry

I recently heard Danny Akin attack the sin of racism by bringing it to the level of your child's marriage. In the south (no less!), Akin asked a congregation if they would have a problem with their child marrying someone of a different ethnicity. If you could not celebrate the marriage of your child to a godly, Christ loving spouse, regardless of ethnicity, then you don't fully understand the nature of Christ's reconciliation. He was approached by the pastor later, who tried to argue that the congregation is not racist, but that his example was asking just a bit too much of people.

Akin argued that the question of who your child would marry helps expose idols and sins better than just considering our own attitude, at times. I'd agree.

Recently, Al Mohler had an excellent radio program that does the same. Though not covering the area of racism, Mohler helps show how your attitude toward your child's marriage may expose idols in your own heart. For every parent (unless their child has been given the gift of singleness) their primary goal should be for their child to be a faithful disciple to Christ as evidenced by being a godly spouse. Yet, often this goal is denied or laid aside for the sake of money, education, prestige or stability. Mohler argues the trend toward delayed marriage is not really healthy for Christians. It's a controversial issue, but I think Mohler makes some excellent points.

I've had the privilege of participating in two weddings this summer where the bride and groom are 21 or under. I was also married at 21. Sure, it's scary to watch a person make a life long commitment at such a young age--and 21 feels so much younger to me now than it did 12 years ago. But the truth of the matter is that every marriage is completely dependent upon God to preserve it, and no marriage--which involves two people who battle sin--will be able to avoid obstacles and difficulties.

So, if your child came to you with plans to marry, what would be your reservations? Do you want them to have more money, stability, education, experiences BEFORE they seek to please God by pursuing a healthy gospel-honoring Biblical marriage? If so, that may expose that your child's faithful obedience to Christ is not always your primary goal for them.

And if it's not your primary goal for them, don't be shocked if it isn't your child's primary goal either.

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Margaret said...

wow...I needed to read this about 6 months ago...you have no idea...I'm printing this out to put where I can read it every day! I'm afraid my idols and sins have definitely been exposed.