Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Prayer for an Expositor

James McDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Chapel announced he has prostate cancer. On his blog, he wrote:

So that’s it! I have cancer and I can diagnose the theology as well as any oncologist can diagnose the pathology. But here’s the great part. I truly believe those things. I am not especially anxious, I am not struggling with God’s goodness or asking a lot of penetrating ‘why’s?’ I am more aware of my pending mortality and the brevity of this life by eternal standards.
You can read the whole article here.

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Anonymous said...

"I have a tenderness to the pain of others and a deeper burden for those closest to me. I am more acutely aware of my sin and much less willing to weigh it or measure it or manage it. I just want to be clean and close and consecrated in my walk with Christ; and I am, more than ever. Truly!!! And for that I am very thankful......Today is a good day, and because of it, no matter how this ‘day’ ends, tomorrow will be even better"

I want to live like that!

Thanks for the link, Danny. It was incredibly encouraging to read.