Thursday, December 4, 2008

Evangelista Contra Mundum?

Dan Phillips writes an excellent article regarding our position in relationship to the world.

Must read.

He, like me, also does not think the name Athanasius would be a total disaster for a child!


Margaret said...

we are praying you are stopping at 4!! i can only imagine what the nickname would be

Jessi said...

LOL, Danny! I thought i would comment on this one ;P

As a mother myself, and a friend of your wife, i would REALLY think about leaving the name
"Athanasius" to the original Athanasius! i do admit, it's an honorable name (and "Nate" would be a cool nickname) but the horror of visualizing the full name on his birth certificate, driver's liscense,wedding announcements, and then letting everyone suffer as they try to pronounce the name, is probably enough to compromise "Athanasius" as maybe a middle name only! BUT, if there were to be an "Athanasius Wright" i'm sure he'd be as adorable as the other four!

DJP said...

Yeah, but... think of the witnessing opportunities the kid might have!

Jessi said...

it definately would provide wonderful witnessing opportunities, i agree :)

JanAl said...

I think it is a COOL name!
I have to say that your children's names were a surprise, other than Rachel, but now I think they are cool names to have. Especially, Zeke's !