Friday, December 18, 2009

Cross-Centered Christmas Gift

Looking for a great gift for your kids?

Still struggling to understand what I mean by Christ-centered or Jesus Hermeneutic?

Want to make sure Moses, Elijah and Peter don't pick on you in heaven for "missing out?"

Then get your hands on this:

Seriously, my kids love it. I've been moved to tears several times while reading it. I even encouraged a young man who is interested in the ministry to read it recently, and he found it a blessing.

Grab a copy!

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JimB said...

Since children get so much from imagery I was really disappointed with the artwork. The content is very poor, and underscores misconceptions of the Bible, actually making the Bible look less believable. Noah's ark is shown balancing precariously on the pinnacle of the mountain, as well as being that silly shape that it is often drawn - nothing like the proportions given in the Bible. Jericho is a five house town - not much of a conquest there. Goliath is make to look like a gruesome ogre of fairytale proportions. The people of Israel coming to the Red Sea look like a small Sunday school outing rather than 1.5 million people making the exodus. I could go on. For me, the pictures undermine the very thing the words are seeking to do - they push the stories into the realm of fairy tales.

The other caveat is that sometimes Lloyd-Jones is a little loose to the story, making up things that aren't in the passage. For example - Jesus being bathed in a golden light at his baptism, there being three wise men, Jesus winking at the boy who brought the 5 loaves and saying "watch this" and others. It's little things like she says Jacob had to wait 7 years to marry Rachel instead of just a week; God createdby saying "Hello Light"; feeding '5000 people' rather than 5000 men; Zacchaeus being so small that he had to take a flying leap to get up into his chair for breakfast.