Friday, October 9, 2009

I'm Just Saying...

Read a post this morning that caused me to go back an immediately re-read my most recent post. As I did, I realized the unfortunate nature that the previous title does not really match the article.

Let me allow you into the creepy confines of my mind...perhaps this might clarify.

The previous article originally dove into the obsession Christian book authors have with "how to attract [sub-group a] to your church." There is a great deal of material out there for how to get your church younger, richer, bigger [and worldlier...but that's another post]. I don't think this is to be our concern, trying to govern the demographics of our congregation. However, the pastor should focus on the fact that his preaching--and character--can greatly influence the internal changes to the Body.

I deleted all those thoughts for fear that the article was getting too long and scattered. However, I forgot to look at the title section and change it appropriately.

The bottom line I saw from the linked article and audio:

The congregation I do not want is one that thinks everything is a joke. (I am not suggesting the AACC thinks everything is a joke, clearly they don't. But I think they had been conditioned [either through that conference or's a pretty typical experience for many conferences I've been to], that when a speaker gets up, he starts with humor.) And ultimately, I control that. And given that my flesh tempts me to treat everything as a joke, I know this is a very real temptation for me.

If I preach in a way that everything is a joke, then my people will eventually think everything is a joke. And that is not a congregation I want.

Just made me think. (And think again.)


Kati said...

I have to admit I wondered about the title. Thanks for the clarification; I get it now. :)

danny2 said...

just being proactive. (hopefully that joke is "clearer.")