Friday, September 11, 2009

Commentary Up and Running (again)

One large downside to preaching without notes (A practice I am not committed to, by the way.), is that producing a "recap" of the message afterwards can be a little more work. Writing for my commentary blog is my favorite form, but it can take much longer than other forms of writing.

Unfortunately, the time became consuming about halfway through the book of Leviticus last year.

However, with starting a new book this fall, I'm also resolved to try to keep up with my commentary blog.

Check out the first entry, Finding Meaning in Meaninglessness (and Introduction to the Book of Ecclesiastes). The first entry basically lays out why Ecclesiastes should be read a bit differently than any other book of the Bible.

As always, children's lessons, small group study questions and mp3's of the sermons can be found at our Grace Resource page.

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