Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Preaching During the Election

How does a pastor deal with the "elephant in the middle of the room?" When every news agency and media outlet is screaming "election...election...election!" how do we navigate through it?

Personally, I think we offer our people a breath of fresh air and a bit of stability by continuing to work through the text, (surprise, surprise) not to mention that which actually can sanctify. In my opinion, this is complete silliness and a complete distraction from our gospel calling. I've also received pledges from other pastors which I'm supposed to sign. Apart from the complete waste that internet petitions/pledges are (several of the signees are clearly atheistic, mocking the church with their signatures with silly names for churches which clearly do not exist), there is also no center in the gospel (a fellow pastor in my fellowship's signature is immediately followed by an LDS "elder"). These things should serve as a reminder that a November election focus is barking up the wrong tree.

However, we don't have to ignore the election either. But instead of hitching our wagon to a particular candidate or issue, could we consider our real job? How could we shepherd our flock in such a way that they conform to the image of Christ as they navigate this election? As a church, we have approached this goal with the following bulletin inserts, which have led to some great follow up discussion. (Feel free to "steal" them, if you think it would benefit.)

We plan to do two more posts in preparation of the election and one in review, encouraging the Body to pray for the specific candidates who win.


Margaret said...

i meant to say something last sunday before leaving church, and i forgot (which makes me completely disgusted with myself)!
so, i will say it here: thank you, thank you, thank you for preaching the Word! thank you that we don't have to go to church wondering if the sermon will edify or entertain! we don't want, nor do we expect, to be distracted by cute stories or diversions from the holy scriptures. yes, the election is important, but my husband continually reminds me to keep it in its proper perspective.
thank you, again, for your faithfulness to the calling of sharing God's truths and the leading of the Holy Spirit! you have no idea how much that means to this family as we come out of legalism.

Brad said...

Complete silliness, eh?
Glad I didn't invite you to participate. :)