Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Post Pending...

I have an article pending on the role of preaching in evangelism, but Keith Shearer beat me to it. Consider this paragraph:

When asked what the best method/approach to evangelism is, my response is, "Preach the Gospel." Often the questioner will look at me as if I'm a bit dense in the head, and thinking I've not understood she/he rephrases the question, "But what is the best method for preaching the Gospel?". Then my reply is, "Preaching the Gospel IS a method - it is THE method - it is GOD'S method."
So, since the bar has been raised, I am reworking my article and formulating my thoughts a little more. (With his article up, it is unnecessary for me to simply reiterate similar thoughts...though there will inevitably be quite a bit of "overlap.")

So, while I enjoy returning to my studies, take the opportunity to read the full article

Then, check out a sermon of his. You'll find his preaching practices what he preaches!